Fast Weight Loss - Unhealthy?

Now you have made our decision in losing weight. You have planned your diet and you hope to do your diet regularly. You may want to lose it as fast as possible. You may be asking how much you can lose in a week and the following weeks. You may also wondering whether dropping fat in fast will be dangerous for your body. Well, what you should remember is that there are many things that can affect the success of your diet.

Genetic factor plays the most important role in the success of your diet. Further, the number of exercise you take during your diet program is also important. It can increase your health and help you to stay fit to do your activities. Stress can also affect your routine. It is known that psychological factors give huge impact to someone's physical appearance. The other factor is body metabolism. Body metabolism determines how quick your body burns the calories. The faster your body metabolism then you can also loss weight faster.

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Theoretically, people lose about 20 pounds a week but much of that is water. It can mean that once you go off your diet, you can get much of the weight back. Further, you may also lose muscle as well as fat if you do not do strength training during your diet. As a result, you probably can have five pounds of weight loss in a week. In fact, nature protects our body from excessive weight loss. If you suddenly loss some calories in your body, it will reduce your metabolic rate that results in fewer calories needed to maintain. It will make you need fewer calories to maintain your weight. That is the reason why most people lose their pounds, but hit a plateau and cannot lose anymore.

Further, if you experience fast weight loss, you probably will get health risk. It is even associated with the appearance of gall stones. There is also a chance to gain your fat back if you get once you stop the plan.

Quick weight loss may also put you into greater risk in an eating disorder. Considering the above effects of these tactics, people who want to have diet plans are suggested to consult with a physician to prevent you from putting your self in harm. If you want to lose poundage quick, you'd better search for fast weight loss plans that will not harm your health.

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