How to Uncover the Secret of Permanent Weight Loss

Is there a secret of permanent weight loss? It's not so much a secret, more an unrecognized truth. Today we spend billions of dollars on diets, weight loss pills, potions and plans, but the obesity problem that the world has never seems to get any better - in fact it is getting worse. What does it all mean?

The fact of the matter is that diets provide a sop for those who think that they need to do something about their weight. A few months of denial will get them back on the straight and narrow. Soon all the weight will be gone. It is very rarely the case.

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Diets actually help you to put on weight. How? Because each time you finish a diet you put the weight back on again. The failure rate of diets in terms of permanent weight loss is in excess of 95%. It's an astonishing figure. Despite this, people keep buying diets. No wonder, because there is little else. Pills deliver the same short-term weight loss as diets. You can't keep taking pills and you can't keep on the same diet. It all has to come to an end. The result is always the same - the weight comes back again. It's one never ending circle of diets.

The other thing about diets is that no matter which type of diet you choose, be it low carb or low fat or even Atkins or Zone, the results will be the same. The type of diet doesn't matter that much. This information comes from a very recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health.

The unrecognized truth about permanent weight loss is that it only ever comes from making change. Change is the catalyst, change is the key. If you don't make change you will never lose weight permanently. How do you make change? You learn new habits, slim habits. This enables you to get rid of the bad habits that made you overweight in the first place.

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