Pros and Cons of Fast Weight Loss

Being overweight can be the result of genetics, health or an individual's personal habits. The first two health and heredity cannot be controlled. Other things like habits, personal choice or lifestyle are things that an individual has more control over. With the exception of a disorder you were born with people normally gain a small amount of weight over the years and are cognizant enough to keep their health under control and have no need of fast weight loss.

Obesity or being overweight can lead to serious conditions, so diet is important. When does fast weight loss matter and who does it apply to?

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Overall there are a couple of types of people who are looking for fast weight loss solutions- the morbidly obese who have been made aware of just how precarious the balance of their health has become and those who have been sold the slick advertising that tells them they can become size two by tomorrow if they just follow the special "diet" or take the magic pills.

The experts all agree that a good healthy goal is between 1 and 2 pounds per week for the average human being. This can be accomplished simply and easily through correct eating practices and moderate exercise. This is the best way to attain results that will last for the long haul. You can also use over the counter product like Proactol and lose around 2-3 LBs per week, definitely a high weight loss rate.

Anyone interested in weight loss may be interested in a much higher rate, something like 10 - 15 pounds per week, and who wouldn't? Nevertheless, if you think about it for a moment you will realize you never gained weight that fast and if the human body does not put on weight that quickly you can bet that the reverse will not happen either, at least not without serious side effects.

Many will go on starvation diets out of desperation to lose weight fast. What they do not realize is the first thing to go will not be fat, instead they will lose muscle, water, sleep and of course the money! Fast weight loss is changing the natural function of the body. More times than not weight, loss achieved by these means will rapidly reverse itself.

Sometimes fast weight loss is of the utmost importance such as for cases of extreme health concerns like those mentioned above. Stomach stapling or bariatric surgery can be a Godsend for someone in that situation. Extreme obesity is combated in these cases by certain surgery techniques such as gastric bypass or laparoscopic banding. These techniques involve reducing the size of the stomach surgically. Patients are then very limited in the amount and type of food they can eat. Weight gain is nearly impossible, as there is just no room in the stomach for overeating. A few weeks after surgery people can return to their normal schedules. Bottom line is this if you can choose the slow healthy way to weight loss.

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