Weight Loss Plans - Find Out 5 Healthy Snacks That You Can Munch On!

It can get so frustrating when we have to force ourselves to stay off snacks when we are going through our weight loss plans. Do we really have to suffer through our weight loss plans without the comfort of snacks nearby?

The happy news is NO, we do not have to refrain from snacks entirely. There are indeed healthy snacks that you can munch on which will not cause any ill effects to your weight loss plan. Let me list 5 healthy snacks right here which you can gobble and munch without any guilt:

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I will bet a lot of people do not know that popcorn is high in fibre and low in fat. I was from this lot of people. I always thought popcorn was just another sweet snack until i did my research. My research finding shows that popcorn actually keeps our digestive system in good shape and it even has a role in steadying our blood sugar levels. To top it up, popcorn also has:

- more protein than any other cereal grain
- more iron than eggs, peanuts, spinach or roast beef
- more phosphorous and fiber than potato chips, ice cream cones or pretzels.

Thus, popcorn is easily one of the really healthy snacks around. Just remember to be mindful of the kind of popcorn you'll snack on: a little butter or oil taste better, but without and plain popcorn is still best.


Fresh fruits and vegetables have a lot of wholesome goodness that we should not just restrict it for lunch or dinner. We should accord fruits and vegetables due consideration as one of our weight loss healthy snacks. During snack times, you can quickly whip up some carrots and cucumbers with a little dip of dressing. Alternatively, you can prepare a bowl of sliced apples, pears or guavas when hunger strikes.


Healthy snacks number three is Yogurt. Yogurt is known to be good for our digestive system as it promotes good bacteria for eliminating waste in our body. It is also low in fat and high in calcium. For weight loss, the low-fat varieties are the best choice.


Energy bars are generally low in fat and high in protein and carbohydrates. They make great healthy snacks as they are also fortified with vitamins and minerals. Eating one or two energy bars will provide you with the necessary recommended daily intake of nutrients. More importantly for fellow weight loss enthusiasts, energy bars is a form of solid food and can help us curb those hunger pangs.


Low fat cheese retains all the nutritional benefits of normal cheese with a lesser amount of fats. It is a great nutritional snack for people who is trying to lose weight.

Do you feel much better now knowing you can still have snacks form part of your weight loss plan? Knowledge is power, and there are really many more interesting facts about weight loss foods.

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