Weight Loss Goals - How to Begin and Why You Need Them

Hundreds and thousands of people wake up on January 1st and make a resolution to lose 20 or 30 or 100 pounds in the new year. These are wonderful resolutions, but unfortunately, it rarely goes any further than that.

One of the major reasons that New Years resolutions regarding weight loss goals fail is that the goals are not set realistically. We live in an "instant gratification" society and need to be constantly reinforced when we set goals for ourselves.

Setting realistic weight loss goals for ourselves can help to ensure that we attain them. It is recommended by many experts in the weight loss industry that most people should lose 1-2 pounds per week after the first several weeks of ANY weight loss program. This is probably the most widely ignored dictum in the dieting world today. As mentioned before, we are looking for instant gratification, and even though we know it's impossible, we still feel "cheated" and discouraged when our weight loss goals are not met.

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In order to avoid these disappointments, you need to set goals for yourself that are realistic AND attainable - for you! Weekly goals - not monthly or yearly provide us with the sense of achievement that we are looking for and need. Most of us will never see the biggest loser campus in our lifetimes. We don't have the time or wherewithal to have a personal trainer at our beck and call like many super models and movie stars. We have to get up in the morning, take care of the children, work 8 or more hours AND try to stick to a realistic weight loss program.

However, just like the movie stars and models WE NEED HELP. We need a weight loss support system that can educate and help us as we set and then achieve each weight loss goal that we are striving for.


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