Natural Weight Loss Key - Stay Away From Artificial Sweeteners

To begin with, you must understand that when you taste a particular food, your body can judge just by the sweet taste how much of that particular food it will require in order to fulfill its caloric requirements just by the sweet taste. Although you do not consciously understand how this works, this is a subconscious activity that you have learnt and perfected from the time you were born. This ability helps your body to regulate the intake of calories to its optimum level and bring about natural weight loss. Research has shown that artificial sweeteners impair this ability and confuses the correlating connection that exists between sweet taste and caloric intake. This happens because artificial sweeteners are sweet but contain no calories, and therefore they confuse your body.

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The next time you eat regular sugary foods or drink a regularly sweetened soft drink, your body may take for granted that although it is sweet, it does not contain calories. Therefore you will have an urge to overeat and ultimately gain weight. Furthermore, your body metabolism can also be affected making you burn fewer calories. Natural weight loss does not include artificial sweeteners and therefore do not interfere with your natural body dynamics.

All the above has been concluded based on experiments conducted on rats whereby one group of rats was given a regularly sweetened food and the other group was given the same food, but artificially sweetened. It was observed that the rats that were fed with artificially sweetened food overate and consumed more calories. They therefore gained excess weight. Moreover, their core body temperature did not rise much after the meal, showing that fewer calories were burnt.

The Deception
Therefore if you are indulging in your favorite food that is artificially sweetened, you have been cunningly misled. It is surprising that many medical practitioners and nutritionists are recommending artificial sweeteners as an alternative. It is therefore not surprising that as the artificial sweetener sale is going up, so is the obesity rate. These diet foods not only ruin your body's natural calorie gauging mechanism, but they also put you under the risk of a host of medical disorders.

The Dangers
If you are under the impression that aspartame is safe, let me tell you that it plays the role of a neurotransmitter. It overexcites your brain cells and ultimately kills the cells. It allows excess calcium into the cells, triggering a release of free radicals which damage and kill the cells. They are therefore called exitotoxins. Aspartame has also been found to cause cancer as it breaks down to form methanol and formaldehyde, which are toxic substances.

If you feel that sucralose is safe for you, consider the fact that sucralose is said to have caused anemia, male infertility, calcification of kidneys, spontaneous abortions and death in rats. Would you trust such a sweetener.

Diet sodas claim to have zero calories, but they have doubled the risk of obesity in those who consumed them. Moreover, there is evidence that they cause heart diseases. Artificial sweeteners can work against the purpose they are meant for. They make you crave for carbohydrates and prevent burning of fat, leading to obesity. Therefore many people prefer natural weight loss.

Artificial sweeteners change their chemical structures and cause depression due to increased levels of dopamine in your brain. They can also lead to headaches and brain tumors. The bodies of those who regularly consume artificial sweeteners get addicted to these substances, just as one would get addicted to smoking.

The Solution
Firstly it is advisable to consult a certified nutritionist, who will tell you what type of nutrition best suits your body. The bodies of different people are satisfied with different food types. Your nutritionist will determine what type you fall under and prescribe a diet plan for you.

Avoid emotional eating and binge eating. Rather eat intelligently and include natural foods in your diet. If you crave for sodas, there are certain hypnosis programs that will include suggestions for you to stop craving for sodas and replace it by craving for water.

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