What You Need to Know About Green Tea and Weight Loss

Establishing the connection between drinking green tea and weight loss must have taken thousands of years, but thankfully, the secret is finally out.

The same tea which originated from China about 4,000 years ago has recently been tagged as an effective weight loss aid and a powerful antioxidant that could help fight cancer and other diseases.

More and more health conscious people are finding out about the many benefits of green tea and weight loss.

So just how exactly will green tea help you lose weight? For starters, it increases the body's metabolism and thus pushes the body to burn more calories. The thermogenic properties within also increase the oxidation of harmful fats in the body and even burn the so called visceral fat which is closely linked to diabetes.

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Green tea is also said to decelerate the processing of complex carbohydrates taken into the body into simple sugars. As a result, the conversion of these nutrients to body fat is delayed. Quite simply, the green tea and weight loss connection is strengthened by the fact that it makes one feel full, thus giving a signal to the body to stop eating and taking in fat from food.

Fat-fighting polyphenols called catechins are also found in large amounts in green tea. Studies indicate that drinking tea rich in catechins helps decrease body fat and cholesterol levels. The effectiveness of the green tea and weight loss combo might also lie in another powerful substance called epigallocatechin gallate (ECCG). Scientific experiments have confirmed the appetite suppressant properties of ECCG which indeed caused a marked decrease in the appetite of a group of lab animals which took the green tea extract.

The wonders of drinking green tea and weight loss may also be explained by a little known effect of tea. While green tea is said to have calming effects, it is also known to increase endurance levels, thanks to catechins. Studies have shown that both substances seamlessly work together in the body to help you lose weight.

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